Detecting and writing a USB Flash Memory in CP X8 Gateway using Python

Hi people.
As the title of this post says,I´m trying to connect a USB memory, but I don´t know how to access it using Python. I´ve been reading some papers (from Digi) and forums but can´t find specifically information about this topic.
I know how to access and write in USB drives using Python in Windows because I know the unit letter that this system assign to the memory. But in the Gateway I don´t even know if the device has detected the memory.
So I would like you to help me in this issue, how can I detect the letter of the unit in the gateway, or how can I access it, and another question, I know gateway has a file system manager, and it has directories and so on.
I would like to know how to access them using for example the web page, or command line,or Python, if it can be done, because I´ve tried to access directories for example WEB\Python, using web page, but always give me an error, perhaps I am not doing it in right way so that´s why I ask to you.
And finally, I´d like to know, if I connect a USB device to the gateway, that events is detected in any form? like for example in Linux or Windows where appears the unit in their file systems and well everyone knows how it appears ^_^.
Well these things are what I need to know by now, sorry my english but this is not my maternal language. Hope your answers.