Using CPx8 usb port

So im trying to use the CPx8 usb port to send out information from the CPx8 to our own server. Im not usng Xbee module for this and actually im not sure about what our customer is going to be using through the usb. My main question is this how can i make dia transmit information through the usb port to a server. Is there anyway to do this and if there is where can i get info on that. Also im intrested in how can i look at the files on a connected usb stick.

To my knowledge, the supported uses of the USB port are limited. You should, however, be able to reference individual files on a USB volume using standard file operations with a full path.

The first volume identified is assigned “A” as a volume name. The file “index.html” in the root directory of this volume might be accessed via the filename “A/index.html”.

Here’s a simple script that does this.