Urgently need help w/ Python script to send/receive serial data using CPX2e ZB

Equipment used:
Connectport X2e ZB
Sparkfun - Xbee Explorer Serial
Slave RS232 device - Solar charge controller

Platform: iDigi Dia (Digi ESP)

Is there any example Python script which uses Sockets for forwarding the serial data, (received on a remote Xbee node from the Gateway), through the rs232 port of the connected ‘Xbee Explorer Serial’ to the slave rs232 device?

‘Request serial data’ sent from Gateway to remote Xbee node -----> Xbee Explorer Serial forward the ‘Request serial data’ to the connected slave device (solar charge controller) -----> Solar controller provides ‘Response serial data’ -----> Response serial data sent back to the Gateway, to be read, parsed and updated on the device channel properties

Any reference to automatic data extraction scheduling from the Gateway to/from the remote Xbee nodes connected with serial slave devices would help tremendously.

PLEASE HELP GUYS! Sincere Request. I am relatively new to all this.



Create an Online Support Request at the following link, http://www.digi.com/support/eservice/login.jsp Digi technical folks can help you in this regard.