Problems with data viewing on idigi platform

So i have connected the CPx8 to a router that works as a bridge and can get a connection to the idigi server. The server seems to communicate fine with the CPx8. Also the dia.yml and seemed to work fine on my PC when i was confing them. So the problem is that when using idigi platform and viewing the data portion it seems scambled and i can’t see any temperatures therep. Why could that be?


The data tab will display any data pushed up to the temporary data store by the cwm_exist presentation.

Have you successfully ran an instance of the Dia on the X8 that has made use of the cwm_exist presentation?

Initially, the data tab should show an entry for any device that you have connected in to the iDigi platform. Once you have pushed up data through the cwm_exist presentation, you should be able to go into the data tab and double click on one of the device IDs. This will show any samples pushed up from the Dia on that device.

For the device to push up to the iDigi platform, it will need to be connected while the Dia configured with the cwm_exist presentation is running.