Flashed program runs slower as debugged application with OCDEMON

Hi!The application that we write needs realtime. When we compile the program with GNU X-Tools and debug it the application runs to slow. We thought that we can do faster the program when we flash it directly to ROM. But that´s not so. The application runs more slower… Thanks for help. Regards Matthias

It is a fact that running out of Ram is a lot faster than running out of Rom

Hi all! I use the NS7520-µC with NetO5.1 and GNU-Tools and I would like to execute my program in RAM without FTP flashing (only JTAG). I flashed the rom.bin of the rom-bootloader-directory and the image.bin (without compression) of my application consecutively but the system crashed. I suppose that my flash-program erase the memory before I write the image.bin (JTAGARM7.exe by Forth Systems Germany) and the data of rom.ini are lost. Can everybody help me? Regards Matthias