For the BL_IER_MATCH flag in addISR, how is the match register value set?

In the Dynamic C 10 examples, addISR is used to set up an interrupt. The typical example given generates an interrupt with every transition on the designated IO line. With BL_IER_MATCH0, the interrupt can be given once a count is reached. My question is, how to preset the target count value (or initial counter value if it counts down to zero).

On the BL4S200 series hardware, a library sets the registers of the Rabbit I/O (RIO) chip for you. If you want to access the RIO directly and modify various registers, you’ll need to use the library as a guide for how to do so, and if you’re using the library for other I/O, you’ll need to make sure it doesn’t overwrite any changes you make to the MATCH registers.