frequently updated files (FAT)


I am planning to build a web server on RCM5600W, which serves a page including a jpeg image. The jpeg image file is updated periodically via RS232C connection.

I have two questions:

1)Without modification (i.e. adding a storage device), FAT file system can be located on the serial flash of RCM5600W. Currently, size allocated for the file system on the flash memory is approx. 10kB. How can I increase the allocation size?

2)Even the file system can contain a large (100kB) image file, since the file is updated several times per minute so the flash memory will exhaust in shot time and cause a problem. Are there any file systems which is volatile but uses RAM instead of flash? (I know that earlier versions of Dynamic-C support FS2, which may be on RAM. But FS2 is not supported for 4000/5000 processors.)

Are there any samples giving me hints?