RCM4400W and file system

Hi guys,

I am having problem with RCM4400W file system. Does any one know how to use FS2 / FAT or any of file system on RCM4400W. Any one try FS1000 module on RCM4xxxx series??

Thank in adv

The RCM4400W does not have any on board storage for a filesystem. The filesystem samples typically require some type of mass storage flash on the core module. You can add flash storage such as serial flash or nand flash and configure the existing drivers to access them. You would need to setup a custom driver within fat_config.lib to use the FAT filesystem. This does not mean that you would need to write your own driver, a custom driver within FAT can refer to either a completely custom driver, or an existing driver with a custom hardware configuration. If you decide to add serial or nand flash to your design, write me and I can send you additional info on setting up a custom driver, with or without FAT.

Other than adding flash, you can setup files that are downloaded with the code at compile time for web page hosting, but it sounded like you were looking for a full filesytem. If read-only files are all you need, look at the XIMPORT directive.

Hi Bruce,
I’ve seen your reply to nlksg and I think that I still need to use a file system for my project with my RCM4400W RabbitCore module, since I need final user to configure the module IP address and probably upload a web page at running time and no at compilation time.

Please, its possible for you let me know how difficult is it, what I have to buy and the code that I have to add to my program.

Thanks in advance
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