CF CARD for RCM4400

I’m considering this module for a weather station, but I need to be able
to store data on site as there won’t always be another computer on
the wifi network. Can I and how do I add a CF card (preferred) or an
SD card. Thanks in advance for anyone’s help.

The full answer to this question would be quite long, so I’ll give you a short answer here and you can write me privately if you want to follow up on this. The CF card would be possible to integrate, but does require more port pins and does not have an available low level or FAT driver. If you do not intend on using the FAT filesystem, then the lack of a FAT driver may not concern you. You would need to write a low level driver to work with the CF card.

If you opt for the SD card, there are both low level and FAT drivers available with the DC10.21 and FAT2.13 releases. I plan on releasing an application note covering just this subject of using an SD card with the RCM4400W module, with both hardware and software examples. In the meantime, the example of using a custom driver (Appendix B) in the FAT 2.13 manual is using this exact case as the example configuration. You can find the latest FAT documentation at the following link:

If you would like some additional information on hardware wiring, then write me through a forum private message and give me a way of contacting you more directly.

Thank you for the reply. I believe that I will purchase
the 4400 and pm you after it arrives about setting up the SD

I am trying to make an SD work on the 4400W… I haven’t had any luck… has anybody else succeeded? Has anyone tried?