Secondary Serial Flash

I have been trying to get an SD card working on my RCM 4400W. When I was looking for alternate ports to the Port C described in the file, I found that the 4400W HAS serial flash, but does not have any serial flash support… My question… Is it possible to have a secondary serial flash IC (SD Card?) connected to the Serial Port B lines which uses a different Chip select line? Has anyone been able to double up the serial flash on another core module (RCM37xx for example)

Depending on how much space you need for FAT, your solution may be quite simple. With DC 10.54, we added the ability to access the unused portion of the on board serial flash for use with FAT, or any other storage needs. You don’t have access to the entire serial flash device, as part of it is used to hold the FPGA setup, but you have access to around 80% of the device I believe. Hopefully, this is enough for your application.

You can download the latest version of DC here.

I was looking for upwards of 20Mb… and thus the SD card. I have downloaded the latest DC10.54 and tested the 80% flash with SFLASH_INSPECT sample. I will work with this for the moment, but I would like the ability to store much larger amounts of data if possible.