How to connect SD Card

I’m using a RCM5600W and would like to hook an SD card or anything else that might be better for removable mass storage.

I’ve searched documentation, app notes, and with google but have not gotten answer to these two questions:

  1. what SD Card (or other) would you recommend getting online to use with RCM5600W that will be compatible with DC FAT library?

  2. How would an SD Card be connected to signals on Rabbit board?

Looking at an SD Card board I bought from Sparkfun it looks likes there’s serial in, serial out, clock, etc. So could be SPI interface. So if that’s the prefered way to connect I’d appreciate some advise on how to connect to Serial port F and configure for SPI.


I suggest you look at Tech note 252 that lists approved SD cards, located at
Also look at a schematic for a product that uses an SD card, the RCM4300 for example, located at

Hope this helps

The schematic link is “not found”, can you repost…

Helpful post…Thanks

Hi Tim,