Has anyone ever used to connect SD card to RCM6700

I want to connect SD card to RCM6700. There is a sample program that use serial port B to make a connection with SD card. I want to move it to serial port C because I want to use serial port B for another purpose. But when I move the connection to serial Port C (and also the program) the debug windows always show an error message. Anyone can help how to do it? Thanks

Have you verefied that your port C is properly configured as referenced in the MiniCore RCM5700/RCM6700 User’s Manual, check page 86 for serial configuration.

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I think you can use serial port pins as below for SPI port to interface SD card.

PA7 is the CS line on the SD card
PD2 is the serial C clock line(SCLK)
PC2 (TXC) is the data output(MOSI)
PC3 (RXC) is the data input(MISO)



we are trying to add an SD slot to the RCM6700, but we are not able to run the example program sdflash_inspect.c.

We are using the serial port C, and making the #CS with PE0, but it doesn’t work at all.

Would you please tell us how are you interfacing your SD card with the RCM6700?.

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