RCM4300 - SD, Ethernet, and serial ports

Is it possible on the RCM4300 to use the SD card (FAT format not necessary), 4 serial ports, and the Ethernet interface?

Currently have no problems using Serial Port A as the programming port, Serial Port C and D as RS232, and Serial Port E mapped to PE6 and PE7 as a third RS232 port.

Am I missing something or if the SD card is used, does Serial Port B no longer function as an RS232 port?

It´s possible, you need to use the port A,C,D,E but you lost the port A used by the debugger, the port B is used like spi with the SD manager



Thanks. I ended up making a bus switch to make two serial ports out of one and used one of the GPIOs at the selector. I’m still developing so I didn’t really want to lose the debugging port.