from crossover cable to LAN or WAN

Two facts:

  1. I have a web server and a telnet server in a RCM3700. I access this server from a PC using a crossover cable, and it’s well working.

  2. The network administrator assigned to my server the next config., with a public IP address:

    #define _PRIMARY_STATIC_IP “”
    #define _PRIMARY_NETMASK “”
    #ifndef MY_NAMESERVER
    #define MY_NAMESERVER “”
    #ifndef MY_GATEWAY
    #define MY_GATEWAY “”

#define TCPCONFIG 1

Now I connect the PC and the RCM3700 to the LAN, this LAN provides internet access. But in this case the web browser doesn’t find the web server. What I have to do in order to make visible the RCM3700 from the Internet from a PC located in the LAN?

Thank you.

Solved, the problem was a wrong IP