FTP Firmware update dialog question

I am using ftp to upload updated rom.bin and image.bin files to my ME9210. I can watch the serial port dialog to know when the updating of flash in complete. It prints out the text:
“Download complete, writing to flash…
Firmware updated, quit the session to restart.”
In the future I may not have access to the serial port, but would still like to know when the updating is complete. I have looked everywhere for where this text is located and when it is executed. I would like to place code to flash an LED controlled by one of the GPIO pins to signal the writing process complete.

Any suggestions or info on where I might find the place to insert my code?


You can fine the code here

If you edit anything here you have to create a new project and work. Then only the bsp changes are reflected in workspace.

if you are going to blink LED on succsfull updation then you might want to use LED for indicating failure also…

Great, Thank you.


To be more specific:

the function naFWControlClose sets a timer. When the timer expires, the function resetAfterImageDownload is called. resetAfterImageDownload is where the request is made to reset the module. All of this is contained in the following file: