How to download firmware to Flash?


How can I download the firmware to Flash?, until now I have to use ESP in Debug mode to put the Connect ME 9210 in run mode.

Hi Daniel,

  1. Build a release version of your application.

  2. Deploy YOUR application image to flash.
    a) Copy image.bin and rom.bin to C:
    b) Open up the ftp application in the ESP
    c) Go to Project -> Debug
    d) Start up a command prompt, type in ftp and log in, user: root with the password: password.
    e) Type ‘bin’
    f) Type ‘put rom.bin’
    g) Type ‘bye’
    h) Wait for the device to reboot.
    i) Repeat this procedure for image.bin

A few helpful hints:
As a reminder, there are a few important items to remember when loading an image onto these modules.

  1. During the ftp session, do not forget to type binary and press Enter.
  2. Just as importantly, type quit and press Enter to end the ftp session.
  3. Do not power-down the module until it has fully rebooted. This may take a minute or so.