Start program when switch on


I’ve installed NET+OS and debugged my program successfully. Now I would like to put my program in the flash memory on start it when I switch on the board. How to do that ? (I have the ConnectCore WI9P development kit).

Thank you.


Here is a good place to start:
I am assuming that you are developing using Digi ESP as many people are so doing.

  click on help
  click on tips and tricks
  click on Eclipse Platform
  hit OK button

  Click on Digi ESP for NET+OS User Guide
  Look at the following sections:

      Deploying an Application to a Device
      Recovering a Device

I’ve seen that.
T’ve started a FTP server in debug on the board. I use a ftp client to connect on it and upload my image.bin file. I’ve seen in the Serial COM view “Checksum passed, writing to flash… firmware updated… resetting to the system in 2 seconds” but the application doesn’t seem to start (the application is the push button sample).

What I’ve done wrong ?
Thank you

It’s OK, I just have to put the rom.bin file and not only the image.bin.

Thank you

that was so basic that I was afraid to bring it up. But I am happy that you were able to figure it out. Nice job