ME9210 with NET+OS

I try a Net9OS sample project.
When i make a Net+Os Build and flash it on ME9210 the programm is not starting.
I debug mode with JTAG it works

do you have all the latest Netos patches installed, including the FLASH driver? Have you tried building and programming a bootloader (rom.bin) as well?

I have installed all Updates with Package Manager.

When i load a new TCP Serial Tunnel Sample and start it with the Debugger the App starts not.

I have set a Breakpoint in the void applicationStart(void) and the Breakpoint are not reached.

When i set a Breakpoint in the void applicationTcpDown(void) the Breakpoint is reached.

There is a Problem with TCP

what can i do?

start with a more basic example like Hello World or FTP server app. Please make sure your network cable is connected and the DHCP server is available. Do you see anything on the serial console?