FTP update of Connect Wi-ME

Regarding the application updating with using FTP at Connect Wi-ME, when there is some airwave around connect Wi-ME like a 802.11b, FTP update sequence is stopped with about 50%, and FTP update is failed. When there is no airwave, FTP update is successed with no problem.
Do you have information about this? Thus, does connect ME might happen to fail in the FTP update if many kind of airwave is around there?
Of course we know, in the Connect Wi-ME case, as it is wireless, it may happen failer if airwave around Connect Wi-ME. But, in the field, there is usually many kind of airwave. So, before using at the field, we would like to know it.

What I used is connect EM module. Now I have encountered the question that the ftp update failed. Can you share me with your solution.

I’m developing in Netos7.3 and I’m also having problems when trying to do a ftp update to a Connect WiME. A captured network traffic with Wireshark shows that the WiME sends duplicate acknowledgements, causing the ftp client tool to retransmit previous packets. Eventually, the ftp client tool stops retrying. Anyone else seen this behavior or know what’s causing it? Unfortunately I don’t have a tool to sniff the wireless traffic.