NET+OS 7.5.2 FTP update failed depending on upload speed!


I’m using Digi ConnectCore 9P running Net+Os 7.5.2. When I update the firmware (image.bin, 1062Ko) using FTP, it may totally brick the Digi depending on the FTP speed.
If I flash with an upload speed limit on my FTP client, the update is fine.

If I do not set an upload limit, the update fails. Looking at the UART debug message, I get a first message saying the CRC is ok and 10 seconds later, a second message saying the update went ok and the device can be restarted. (When the FTP speed is limited, I got the exact same message but its only takes 1-2 seconds for the second to appear).

Once the device restart, nothing happened, even the bootloader have been corrupted (impossible to boot in TFTP, not blinking leds at all, …). I’ve got the exact same problem using our electronic board or the evaluation board.

If I try to update the rom.bin which is a much smaller file, the update is successful in every case.

Currently the workaround I found is to limit the FTP speed but I would like to understand and fix the root cause. Does anyone have an idea on what’s going wrong?

Best Regards,

Hello Yannick
Not sure what’s happening here but you could also use the Update Flash utility on you DigiESP environment. This one is much faster and you can flash both the rom.bin and image.bin at the same time. Need a jlink debugger.