Future NETOS support

After having great success with porting an old net50 product to the connectcore 9215 module, several people in the office are wondering if NETOS platform support will ever be included with any newer connectcore i.mx such as the upcoming ConnectCore® for i.MX6UL which has been traditionally linux based only?

It would seem that most of the components except for maybe bluetooth are already in place.

Not opposed to moving to linux, but this is working great for recycling a large application that is largely based on ThreadX. We may actually fork the older now newer product now that it has new life.

Netos support for current platforms alredy supported for Netoswill continue. There are no current plans however to add new platforms to Netos

That’s a pity; we use Netos in (relatively undemanding) real-time applications where I have concerns as to the suitability of Linux (quite apart from the learning curve and porting effort involved in a new system).
Are there any plans to make the development environment work properly on 64-bit platforms without workarounds? (There was mention of a new release in Q2 this year in these forums, but no sign of anything)