NET+Works 6.3 compilation on Latest Windows environment ?

I am Vijay and have query regarding the build environment for the Gateway Product with the below details.

  • Platform connectem
  • CHIP=NS7520
  • PROCESSOR=arm7
    The OS used is NET+Works 6.3 with GNU Tools Microcross GNU X-Tools v3.40
    Till now the windows XP machine was being used to install the NET+Works and used for creating builds.
    Windows XP is now outdated and we want to use latest version of windows.
    Question is whether the higher version of windows OR if possible Linux will support the build environment for this product ?
    Please let me know your suggestion.

Linux will not work. Windows 10 might work but you’d have to try. Netos 6.3 is 15 years old. If possible upgrade to Netos 7.5. Netos 7.5 officialy does not suport x64 Windows, however, in reality it works fine with x64 windows 10 Pro. I suspect that it will also work with netos 6.3,especialy if you are not interested in JTAG debugging and only compiling. If this failes you can always install Virtual machine with XP on top of Windows 10