Garbled serial output connect me 9210

Hi, I’m using the Digi Connect ME 9210 and what to use the serial port as to input/output to the ethernet. I have managed to write the network side but am struggling with the serial side. When I output anything on the serial is comes out corrupted, presumably because it is still acting as a console. I’ve researched disabling the console but I can’t seem to find the files or entries referred to. Could anyone please give me a pointer to the process? Many thanks.

By default Serial port A is enabled as UART. You can find the information on enabling the serial console, under the DigiESP help section “Devices and Interfaces” Serial kernel enabling on 9.22.2. Also the section 9.22.3 Managing the serial ports from user space. Hope this helps.

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Hi, Campbell, thanks for the quick response. I’m working my way through the doc at the moment but am only at section 7. Maybe I should have read it all first before playing with the device. Cheers.