ConnectME 9210 with Linux 4.2 Serial Port problem

Hello everyone,

I am trying to simply send and receive some data over the serial port of the developement board. Writing data works fine. But when I try to receive the response from the connected device with an simple read() comand I don’t receive the correct response. At the beginning the first two bytes are always missing. Because of that I started modifying the termios struct but it got worse and worse. The support told me to disable the serial console to make shure nothing is interrupting my read() call. This didn’t work as well. With my acutal settings I only receive zeros and after three read() calls over 100.000.000 bytes which causes an segmentation fault in my application.

So what I want is:
Is it correct that withthe connectME9210 module, the second serial port (P2) can’t be used? If it can be, how? in the project properties of the kernel I can’t find where to enable the serial port C…

I want to make shure that not only the serial console is using the serial port, but how do I find out what else is using it? I want to release all references to the serial port so my application is the only one who can acsess serial port a.

Any suggestions?


If anybody has a solution, I’m interrested too.

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