Serial port receive issue

I have written an App on the Connect Me that will collect serial data from a device. I simulated the device for testing purposes by connecting Procomm to the ME serial port. I coded a receive thread that uses the serial API function read()to read in a chunk of serial data. If I use the Procomm terminal to type in characters for the ME to receive, everything works great and I get all the characters I typed into my receive buffer. But if I set up a meta key in procomm to dump a text string to the ME at the full baud rate I am using, the port counters only pick up 2 of the 10 characters in my string and the 2 characters are garbage. I cn’t seem to figure out why the serial aPI can’t handle a stream of text? Has anyone ran into this problem before? It seems like the serial interface cannot keep up with charaters sent at baud rate spacings, but can handle slow moving charaters.

What baud rate are you using?

(I’ve had no problem at up to 38400 baud)