Serial com/0

In our application this serial port (com/0) more receives data than sends. After some time (30 minutes), this port simply does not recognize the coming data (no more interrupts in the routine onccIntRd, netos_serl.c). But it still sends data. The baud is 115200, no hw flow control. Does anybody can help? Thanks

Was there ever a reply to this? I’ve been having a problem with the serial ports where when I send data out the port it works fine, but when I set the port up to read I don’t get all the characters that have been sent to it. I get some, but not all.

Are you aware that when interrupts are disabled no data is read by the FIFO’s for the serial ports? So when using 115200 make sure interrupts are not disabled for longer periods of time.

I have removed the huge and ugly serial driver and written my own.

Any chance I could get that rewritten driver? I dont like their version either.