Lost data on Serial


I’m having problem to use the serial port. I can write correctly a big quantity of data, but when I try read, I lost data. I checked if the data is on bus, and I see that yes. I should read 2048 bytes, but I read around of 30 bytes. Anybody know what the problem? I think that can was the read buffers.

My serial is set with Baud Rate: 115200 and I use Connect Me 9210.

André Lessa


Is this NET+OS or DEL? Which version?
Can you paste your serial port config & read write functions?


I am using ME 9210, DIGI ESP Net+OS7.5. I am trying to receive data from serial port and display them on website.
My Problem is the same as you and other people that asked on this forum. My Data from Serial is around 510 bytes but when I am using read() function, I only can store 31 bytes.
I would be grateful if you or anyone else that have the solution help me.
Here is my code:
extern char buffer[510];
char Message1[1]={48,49};
write(fdn, Message1,1);
int y;
y=read(fdn, buffer, sizeof buffer);
printf("test %d