Serial drive - receive buffer size

Hi,Serial UART driver issue: We are developing software for digi connect EM/WiEM boards. On these boards we are using a serial port 0 for other device interface where in the other device sends the data. UART driver is used for serial port 0. The OS version we are using is NET+OS 6.0. The problem we are facing is when the other device send data more than 32 bytes, the connect EM/WiEM boards receives only 32 bytes and discards the other bytes. Is there a buffer restriction of 32 bytes in serial driver? Is it possible to set the buffer sizes? Thanks in advance.

I am using version 5.1 of NETOS, but I believe the serial driver is the same. If you have other threads running at high priority the serial driver may not get a chance to empty the FIFO buffer. I have run into similar problems at one time when using high baudrates and a heavily loaded CPU.