Gateway database connection

I’m developing a program to send a data string series from the ZigBee network to a remote database. I’m using WAMP (MySQL, PHP, Apache) database and SQLite (dbapi) at the gateway, but I don’t get connection. I’m using the gateway connect port X8.
What recommend me that applies?

“don’t get connection” is pretty vague. Could you please give more detail as to what this means? Connection to the CP-X8 via ethernet or how?

By the way, I moved your thread to the Python forum, since this is the “application” layer/data transport in your ConnectPort X8, and likely the direction this will go.

The connection is simple, the Gateway Connect Port X8 is connected to the LAN and a server with SQL database stores the information of the gateway, this connection is made by sockets. The question is whether the gateway supports the connection to the database and whether there is any library is so special for this purpose?

I am unaware of any direct database interface libraries that would be runnable on the X8 gateway. Most of these Python modules have built-in C code that gets compiled in as an extension to interface with the database.

What you may wish to do is to segment your application and have the portion which modifies the database run on the server as well and translate data, in your own format, coming from the gateway into the database.