Python inside HTML

I have a connectport x8 and i need to show some customized information about the zigbee mesh. I created my own web page and I uploaded it on the File Management of the connectport. But when im trying to use a python script inside HTML it won’t work. I did basically what they say here
Any suggestions on how to get it work? I’m not really sure if this is the correct way of getting the zigbee information, or if its better to get it through javascripts.
Thanks a lot.

Note that the digiweb module being called is only for ConnectPort series units with rev. 2.8.0 EOS firmware or later.

Which EOS firmware is running on your ConnectPort X8? This info can be found from the CP-X8’s WebUI > Administration > Update Firmware.

dear even i am having the same doubt…
but i tried python inside html using Karrigell-3.1 it works on my system but i didn’t try with X4 gateway. actually i am having a doubt in installation of karrigell in gateway.

search for "python inside html " or “karrigell” on google check the documentations. hopefully it will help u.

My firmware of the CP x8 is