Get Username of Current Logged In User in AWS

Hello All

I’m using NET+OS 7.4

I need to find the username of the currently loggged in user in AWS

I have found the function RpDeleteCurrentUser which deletes the currently logged in user so clearly the system knows which user is currently logged in but I can’t find a function which will tell me their username.

Can anyone help?

char *temp = RpGetCurrentUserName(theTaskDataPtr);

I have tried this function but it only seems to work in a get pointer stub function in AWS.

From the stub function of a set pointer in AWS nothing is returned.

The same thing occurs if I try to get the server data myself by calling: RpHSGetServerData();

It works when getting form data, but not when setting.

I’ve only used that in get functions, so not seen your problem.
AWS is single-threaded, and appears to deal with one page in its entirety before moving on to another. So you could maybe get the user name is a ‘start page’ stub function.