How to be notified that a user logged in (using aws, digest)


we are using Rompager to display a GUI for our embedded device. There are different users and we want to be informed when a specific user is logged in.

I tried to work with “External security validation”, page 158 in the AWS manual 90000684_G.pdf, but it seems that its impossible to use that.
I dont even find the “RpConfig.h” in the files on the filesystem. I’m working with NetOS+7.5

Is there a way how i could get this running, or maybe another way i could be informed about a login?

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You asked this awhile ago but in case anyone is interested, in NET+OS 7.5 a callback feature was added to the System User Account Access component. IT is described in the API reference guide in System Software Services\System User Account Access\Functions. Look for naSysAccessSetAuthHandler. This allows the system to call YOUR user defined callback function. You’l be passed the username and password of the guy that is trying to login. Please see the API reference guide as described above for additional information.

The callback should be defined before starting up the web server.