Getting message "ImportError: no moduled name digi"

When I try to run any of the Bluetooth Test programs I keep getting the message
“ImportError: no moduled name digi”. I’ve downloaded the latest versions of XCTU and PyCharm.


What is the part number of the XBee module you are working with and what firmware version is installed?

Digi Support

I’m using an Xbee3.

The firmware version is 2006

I’ve even tried copying the code from PyCharm into the MicroPython terminal in XCTU and I get the same message


Do you have the Blue tooth function enabled?

Digi Support

I do have the Bluetooth enabled

Hi Brungsmc,

If you take a look at the README file for any of the Bluetooth samples, you will find that the minimum firmware version supported on XBee 3 802.15.4 is 200A. For example:

200A is not yet released, so you cannot currently run any of the Bluetooth samples on XBee 3 802.15.4 hardware. You can, however, run some samples such as gap_advertise on XBee 3 Zigbee 1009.

Thanks for the help. I was actually testing that out when I got your notification. I appreciate your help