Getting XBee WiFi Module To Work Correctly In TCP Mode With Web Browser

Hi, recently I purchased a XBee Wifi S6B module to be used with Ardunio Uno setup as a web server to display sensor data. During initial test I able to successfully configure the WiFi module so that it connects to the wireless network and I can telnet from a desktop computer to the module using Putty and X-CTU terminal on port 80. But when I try using a web browser (Chrome or FireFox) to connect to the module I can never see the browser’s “GET” response on the X-CTU’s terminal. The module is setup for “transparent” mode with firmware 2021. While I am somewhat of a newbie on this, I would think that if the telnet works on port 80 then I should at least see the “Get” response when the web browser quires the IP address of the module? Am I missing something or perhaps have the module incorrectly configured? Any help that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi RSavage1,
I found the same problem with 2021. The GET method was displayed in the X-CTU’s terminal in the previous version 2004 and my response to the GET method was displayed in browser. It stopped working when I updated the firmware to 2021. However, if I send response to GET right after entering the IP address in the browser, the web page is displayed correctly.

I have the same problem with 2021, but it works with 2004. API mode doesn’t work either with 2021: GET is not propagated to the UART. I did a search and found that other people complained about the same:

This is a known bug and a fix has been implemented in the next revision of the firmware. It is still under QA review before release. GET and POST are both “intercepted” by the internal web server. Problem is that nothing is done with the data and eventually a lockup occurs.

Keep checking here for updates as to firmware release.


Still no update. Terrible.
When problem will be solved? I want to make my customers able to set SID & password trough web page

I am new to xbee wifi. I still can’t use xbee wifi to pull even a simplest web page or do a GET command. It was so easy using arduino wifi shield and I understood what I was doing. With the xbee wifi, I’m not sure what I’m doing. Is there any tutorial for beginners?

What about the new firmware promised?

I just started to work with xbee and I thought it would have been easy and common use to connect xbee via uart and receive GET and POST over browser when I use infrastructure mode. But now I must realize, that it’s not easy, because there are bugs since 2011 and only old 2004 firmware is able to transmit HTTP requests to uart. But socket is not closed after receive and xbee crashes. Really bad experience… if anyone knows how can I fix please let me know. I can not understand why this problem isn’t fixed - I guess this is really a often used(or whished) function.

Just replying back to my own issue here. The reason I was not getting responses using GET command was likely due to xbee wifi kit. It’s an app that makes you remotely control your xbee pins with a web-based dash board. When I reset the module’s settings it started to do the GET command.
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