I am unable to send a POST request to my Xbee S6B module and have it passed to my MCU as an IPv4 RX message.

I want to run a simple web server on the MCU attached to my Xbee S6B module but I’m unable to get HTTP requests to be delivered to the MCU. If I send a line that begins with “DUMB” it makes it through fine but if it begins with “POST” or “GET” it is never passed to the MCU. How do I get the S6B to pass through HTTP requests so I can implement server code on my MCU?

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Right now Digi is working on a version of firmware to fix this issue. The internal web server appears to be “catching” those POST and GET commands and not passing them out the UART.

When new firmware will be released?

Ok, I am preffered WI-FI module from STM.
They are better