Digi WiFi S6B module receiving port issue


Xbee module (S6BSM) is not receiving data time to time.

Xbee module is connected to our controller and Tx works 100% without any issues. Even Rx also works but there are frequent instances where module does not receive. After an hour or so, module recovers by itself and both Tx/Rx starts working normally.

Any attempt to make TCP-socket connection with the controller over Xbee modules 4096 fails. This is investigated with Wire-shark traces.

We have different projects running with 300-400 WiFi modules in each and these particular issue is modules are increasing.

Thanks in advance.

What firmware version are you working with?

Are you using API mode or transparent mode?

Are you using CTS flow control?

Hi Mvut,

Thanks for your reply.

Firmware Version: 2026
Mode : API mode
CTS Flow control : No, we are not using Flow control.

Here,we are not able to reach our controller via Digi WiFi modules. Recovers by itself in sometime.

We suspect if receiving port of digi module is blocked for a particular time period.

Are you able to ping the XBee WIFI when you have this issue occur?

Are you using sleep modes?

Do you have a TCP timeout set on your WIFI Router?

Of course, I am able to ping and as mentioned in previous comments I am able to receive message from digit (tx port). No sleep modes are activated.

No TCP timeout set on router.

What could be the cause?

Issue persist in multiple sites and could reproduce in our test lab as well.

Are you using API mode? If so, is it API 1 or 2?

Yes. We are using API mode.

API = 1

Sound lot like a corrupt API frame that is blocking you from being able to send data. API mode 2 can help with that.