Xbee router not receiving properly but co-ord ok

Hi all,

I have ressurected my old XBee Pro S2 modules which have been in my drawer a few months.

For some reason the router can send to the co-ordinator fine, as expected. The co-ord to the router however transmits the first 5-15 characters fine then stops (can still receive at this point), stalls for a few seconds then burst some but not all of the data through.

To me this sounds like a buffering issue, however, I have changed the “packetization timeout” to zero (on both co-ord and router), and also one, and back to the default three and there is no difference.

I have also tried reprogramming the router as an end-point, same issue. I’ve even tried flashing the co-ord as the router and the router as the co-ord. The problem follows the software not the hardware (so it’s not a buggered device).

Back in the day I never had this issue.

The only settings I have changed from the factory default is the baud to 57600 and DIO7 = 0 Disable.

Any ideas?

Many thanks,


make sure you’re using the 21a7 and 22a7 firmware versions respectively. There were problems with a0 series firmware.

If you haven’t already you might want to force them back to factory default (XCTU -> modem configuration ‘show defaults’ button). I wasn’t clear by your explaination if you tried that.

I’ve not seen this problem myself. are the modules on a digi prototype board?

Simon, for the last three days I have been in the almost the same situation as you have, and found your question just now.

I can’t offer any help (maybe a bit of despair :slight_smile: ), but I can confirm that it does indeed work the other way around, the router sending packets works flawlessly.
I’m not using API mode because that would complicate things without added benefit. It should just work.

Some other things I’ve tried that you might have done as well:
-Different baudrates
-entering command mode hoping the module would transmit it’s buffer (mentioned somewhere in the manual)
-Changing the firmwares on both modules to every possible version
-Switching between router and end device on the receiver

I didn’t start a new post because it’s the same question, hope that’s ok.
Really hope someone can help out, as having one of the routers as the sender is not an option.