XBee S2C not receiving data

I am using two XBee s2c modules (from the Digi Zigbee Mesh kit). One of them is the coordinator and the other one is router. I am checking in XCTU if the data comms work

I see the router xbee never receives anything. It can send alright (data seen on the coordinator) but whenever I send from coordinator, the router module doesn’t receive it.

It works perfectly fine with a different XBee s2c module. So I guess the other one not working has gone bad?

I tried resetting firmware, upgrading firmware etc. Tried both in AT and AP mode but same issue.

I used below setting for the AT model

Coordinator Enable=1
AP=2 (tried AP=0 too)

Router 1
AP=2 (tried AP=0 too)
Coordinator Enable=0

As mentioned earlier, if I change the Xbee router module to another module, it works. So is the not working one broken? Is there a way to fix it?

Try issuing a Local network reset on the router in question. That is an ATNR0. Along with an ATRE ATWR.