GPIO Interrupt

Hello,Does anybody know if it is possible to generate an interrupt on GPIO-2 (connectme) on a rising/falling edge. It will not be used for a standard handshake. If it is possible, where can I find an code example. Thanx, Gerrit

GPIO-what???Net+what???I only know Net+50. It can only generate edge-triggered interrupts on PortC0…PortC3. Greets Stefan

Thanx for your response, Whoops, on the outside there called GPIO but the real port is PORTA bit 1 and 5 (NetOS 6.0). So I guess there is no way I can generate an interrupt on this port?? Or is there a way that I can poll the port quiker than the OS ticks (timer thread)? Greeting, Gerrit

No, PortA it’s not possible to generate an interrupt. Only PortD,F,G,H can generate a level-triggered interrupt, PortC0…3 a edge-triggered interrupt. But yes, you can poll the port using Timer2. Timer 1 is used as OS tick. Timer2 is only used by the parallel port driver. So if you don’t use the parallel port (#define BSP_INCLUDE_PARALLEL_DRIVER FALSE) then you can take Timer2 for your needs. Use netosSetupAuxClock() to initialize the timer. I guess this is your only option as far as you don’t want to modify the PCB… Regards, Stefan