Question about the ConnectEM

I have a question to the Connectem. I have a small program written, with this program I send and receive data over the SPI interface, worked well. Now I need an external interrupt over a GPIO pin. Is this possible, if I use the Port as SPI? How?

See the NS7520 hardware reference guide on pages 77 through 83 (or 87 through 93 in adobe) for information on which GPIO are available for interrupts. You’ll see that PORTC0 through PORTC3 are available as interrupts. If you then look at the Connect EM/Wi-EM hardware reference guide under programming considerations (page 39) you’ll see that you have PORTC2 available if you use the headerless modules, and PORTC3 available if you aren’t using the second serial ports UART RX line.

To use the GPIO as an interrupt you’ll first need to set it up as such (see the GPIO examples and the BSP -> Device Drivers -> Signal Multiplexing and GPIO in the API). Then you’ll need to setup your ISR. See the API reference under Interrupt Service Routines for this. I’d also recommend seeing the naexternalirq example for additional details.