Function of Pin 3 Port C on the Connectem

Good morning Digi world,

I has a question to the Port_C pin 3. This pin has two functions, RX-Com_B and interrupt. I need an interrupt, a RS232 and a SPI-interface in my application. Can I put the interrupt or the RX function of Pin3 on another pin? If this is possible, where must all the changes are made?

Thanks for your support.


There is 2 serial ports on the Connect EM. The interrupt pin is on the RX second serial, so the first is free.
I don’t think that you can transfert the interrupt pin on an other pin…


Hello Paul, thanks for your answer. That is true the EM-component has two serial ports. I need a SPI-port (Com A), (and) a RS232 (Com B) and an external interrupt in my application. Therefore my question, can I switch functions to another pin ?


Check out the hardware reference guide for the NS7520 (processor in the EM)starting on page 84 of adobe. This, combined with the hardware reference for the Connect EM, gives you a list of what the various pins can be used for.