Put Port C (pin 0-3) on IO-Pins

I have a problem with an external interrupt. I would like to release over an input pin an interrupt. The IO pin of the ConnectME are at PORT A and the interrupts are served by PORT C. Is it possible to put the PORT C on the IO pins ?


As far as I know, no interrupt pin are available on the DIGI Connect ME, in contrary to the COnnect EM. I hope you won’t tell me the contrary, because that’s why we buy COnnect EM !

Nevermind, enclosed is a test of “polling” in replacement of interrupt I made for COnnect ME.


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You have interrupt pins available on the Connect EM, but not on the Connect ME. See the EM’s hardware ref and the NS7520 for PORTC0-3 for details on what’s available to you as interrupts.