use interrupt

hello all
somebody have any easy exemple for use the interrupt when you receive a word in serial port because i am lost in the documentation.
I use devellopement kit connect me -c.

As far as I know, there is no interrupt on the serial line. You have to poll the serial port for any incoming characters.


thank pevandenburie
have you go an other easy exemple with interrupt that I can familiarize with it?
At the beginning I wanted used the serial connection for that but since it is not possible¬Ö

There are no available interrupts on the Connect ME. You do have access to such on the Connect EM. The best way to figure this out is to read through the NS7520 chip (used in the Connect ME and the Connect EM) on which GPIO can generate interrupts (PORTC0-3) and then read through the Programming Considerations guide for the hardware on which pins are tied to which.

thank charliek
I have juste one over question.why in the bsp.h he had :

This references using the timer2 interrupt (a software interrupt) to aid in improving serial communication speed.

Fana, that has to do with the Fast Interrupt mode of the ARM core. The ARM core has an interrupt mode, that is entered every time an external interrupt happens, and a fast interrupt mode, with higher priority, thought for a interrupt that has to be serviced in less time.

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