GPRS library with other modem and availability

I’d like to connect a SimCom modem to the RCM5700 and I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is it possible to use the software from the gsm/gprs application kit for this? I’ll probably need to modify it a bit, but that’s ok.
  2. If so, can I buy this software without everything else?
  3. My current application uses multiplexing to do both AT and PPP over the same serial line. Is this supported in the library as well?

I have not used any of the SimCom modems but it should work fine with PPP. You don’t really need the GPRS Application kit, all it provides is support for text messaging and some sample programs. If you need text messaging its pretty simple just follow the AT command set for your modem.

Multiplexing is not supported by the PPP libraries, but you do get the source code so you can implement it yourself.

Here is the simplest GPRS sample that uses PPP to connect to the cellular network.

glued, thanks for your quick reply. As soon as my devkit comes in I’ll give it a try. This sample that you attached, where could I have find that myself?