Great Utility but a few issues and wishes

X-CTU is an essential utility when working with the XBee modules. It does what is needed but could use some improvements.

Some issues:
1)Sometimes it does crash (Windows sends error message to MicroSoft) but it always runs when re-started. This is just a minor nuance but can be disruptive when that API frame was lost (see wish list items below) and needs re-typing.
2)Occasionally I wanted to resize the X-CTU window but can’t. It would be nice at times but again no biggy.

Now for the big Wish List items:
1)The ability to do a copy of a displays contents and a paste into the Assemble Packet window. This would allow using ‘caned’ data packets (especially API frames) to be copied from a text file.
2)Also better editing in the Assemble Packet window especially in HEX mode. It can be edited only if you are very careful.
3)Next is an intelligent API frame builder. One that places the start delimiter, data length and checksum in place then as the frame contents are filled in the data length and checksum are updated. This would be wonderful for testing to a module running API firmware and checking the frame build of custom code.

I hope these are taken under consideration as X-CTU updates are worked on.

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The issues you described are valid. The wish list you composed are good ideas as well. In the next revision of the X-CTU, look for the crashing to be improved, and a copy paste feature to be added into the Assemble packet button. In fact, it will allow you to open multiple assemble packet boxes to compose multiple API frames. I don’t believe that the window will allow you to resize it.

An intelligent API builder is an idea that we have kicked around as well, but you may need to wait for another revision beyond this one for that.

The next revision of X-CTU should be available within the next 1-2 month time frame.

That’s wonderful. I and I’m sure others, will be looking forward to the next revision.