Green Hills

I’m starting a new project soon and I’m looking for a core module like the ConnectCore 9P and seem adequate for my TCP project. I’m not familiar with NET+OS 7 and ThreadX.

Does it perform well?
Are there any other help forums to look through?

I don’t see vary many post in the Green Hills forum. That usually means it not very popular and no one is using it or it’s very simple and no one needs help.


I suspect that most people go for the Eclipse-based development solutions, simply because of the substantial cost difference between it and Green Hills.

We actually started with Green Hills when that was the only option, but have moved to Eclipse because there’s a very substantial cost in keeping Green Hills software up to date.

I can’say much about the differences between the two platforms, since our projects are relatively simple, so we’re not finding the limitations. Eclipse is probably rather more bloated than Green Hills, and a bit slower - but for the price difference I can live with it!

Not used the ConnectCore 9P, (using NET/50 and ME) but I find ThreadX pretty good as an RTOS. NET+OS 7 has its quirks, but does the job - there are plenty of examples which are a good starting point for a project.

Are you talking about the IDE interface?

Mostly, yes.

Never found any substantive practical difference between the C compilers, other than a rather nasty construct that was necessary with the GNU compiler to interface to the ‘original’ ME - not a problem any more.