C or Java programming


I’m new to the Digi Connect modules and I was wondering if there was any project examples written in C or Java (application not applet). In my opinion C++ is a messy language, and I’m trying to avoid it at all costs.


You do not mention whether you are using the linux or the NET+OS kits. If you are using the NET+OS kits (Green Hills or gnu) look in the src\examples directory. There is a large number of example applications, ready to run , that demonstrate different capabilities of the system. Each has a readme file that discusses the specific aspect of the system being tested. It also mentions any restrictions (for example you can’t test a wireless capability on a device that does not support wireless).

I am planning on using the ME 9210 but have not yet decided on whether I need to use the plug and play or the NET+OS version. Is there any Hello World examples written in C or Java?


Where would I find these examples at? I looked under Home > Support > Digi Connect ME 9210 > Sample Applications and it says “General Sample Applications are not applicable to this product”


I do have the Digi Connect CD and all the examples have a .cpp as their extension. But when I look at the code it actually looks mostly like C. Wonder why they would save C as C++?

I’m now wondering if I have the right CD. It was said that there was a large number of samples but all I see is eight.
RCI Over Serial
SSL Client
TCP Client
TCP Server
Is this correct? We did only get the plug and play development kit but the CD implies it is for the whole ME Connect family.


Is there anyway to get my hands on the examples from the 9210 NET+OS dev CD without buying another dev kit? I can just buy a module and breadboard it myself.


I am referring to the NET+OS version, not the plug and play version. I believe this is the -C version (customizable).

First of, ALL of the programs are in C (save one in C++). There is NO JAVA. Developing Java in this environment is not supported (except in Java applets, but that is different).

There is a “hello world” program (example application). There are also, as I mentioned before, a number of other example application for exercising different capabilities of the system.


You and I have had a miscommunication. So please allow me to clear things up. Sample applications are available on the CD from which you installed the software. Sample applications are NOT available directly from the web site.

The kit you have is a plug and play firmware kit. The code you reference runs on your PC, not the Connect ME 9210. You can’t write C / Java code that runs on the Connect ME 9210. You can, however, put together a Java Applet, load it into the filesystem, and customers can download it and use it (see the messenger app under Applet).

If you want to develop a C application that runs on the module, you need the NET+OS or Linux dev kits.

Given the last update from CharlieK, I believe the answer to your last question is no. I believe there are two forms of the board -S and -C. I believe (I could have this backwards) you have the -S, which fits into the model that CharlieK described. The -C is the kit with the example applications. The usage models for these two kits are quite different.

That’s correct. You can bread board a -S module (with help from the HRM), but you can’t to a -C module. You have to get a NET+OS JSK.