Simple example on Digi Connect ME

I am a newbie with Digi Connect ME.
I have bought a Integration Kit and now I want to develop a simple application on this board.
I want a simple html page with a textbox and a button.
When the user inserts a text into the textbox and clicks the button , I want that the text is sent on the serial port.
How can I develop this simple application ? I have to use Java ?


Hey paolo

you can just look at the example program that you can created. You do not need to use java at all. But what platform are you using???. If you are using net+os then you can created a page with a textbox and a submit button in it. Once you finished the page you will have to compile it with page-builder. (if you do not know page-builder is you should read about it first in the advanced web server pdf(html comment tags) and try some example program(just goto file->new->sample program))

Once you have compiled the page you will get 2 file a .c and a _v.c file
Do not change anything in the .c file but only in the _v.c file. In the _v.c file there will be a set and get function for a text-box. If you press the submit button then the set function will be called and you can do something with the data like send it out of the serial port.

(also check out the serial connection example(it is not available for digi connect me but you can created it for a other device and see how they do it). There is a serial driver and it works almost the same as a linux serial port. Hope this data will clear some stuff up for you.

Goodluck with it,


Hello Tim,
thank you…but I need the evaluation kit with Net+OS source file and ESP environment ? I have only the integration kit.

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to be honest i have no idea. Personally i have the digi connect me development kit with net+os. Hope some one else can help you with your question

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From what I’ve heard, the integration kit just passes things through on the port you want. I am sure there is some sort of web page setup. If not, you need to look at port 80 and respond to the http GET query with the html source for your page, essentially rewriting a web server. It might just be simpiler to get the development kit.


In the integration kit there isn’t the page builder you are talking about…so I think that development kit is necessary…

But If I want that the text into the textbox is processed before send it on the serial port, I think that I need some C/C++ code. The HTML language can’t do it ! So…I need the development kit to do this ?


If you are controlling the data from outside the digi, no.
If you are controlling the data from inside the digi, yes.

Excuse me but I haven’t understood…
If i want that when I click on the button on the web page, it sends to the serial the text inside the textbox without elaboration how can I do it ? I know HTML…I know web technologies…but I don’t understand how I can use the serial port from a web page with DiGi…can you give me an example ?


Assuming you have the development kit, it the evidence sounds as though you do not, but if yo did, you could do the following:
Create a web page (html code)
Run the web page through the pbuilder utility
The output of the utility creates callback functions for each object on your pages and forms.
from within one of these callbacks, you could (theoretically) gain access to the data that a web user submitted and with the data in hand you could have the callback write out said data to a serial port of your choice, that had previously been opened.

Again the development kit is required for all of this.

  1. Take a look at the html protocol (port 80).


  1. Implement the GET in your code.

So from your example I have understood that for doing what I want, I need the development kit ! I need the pbuilder utility that there isn’t in the integration kit…

Thank you !

Hello, I use the kit of evaluation DIGI CONNECT ME for my personnel project

in my project I use the compiler HTML to C to create an page HTML. In my page I capture data and process!!!

Used as a reference the file HTTP SERVER SAMPLE!!

My mail is :

I have the integration kit…not the evaluation kit…can you give me this example ?


My question is what kind of technology can I use to send data from HTML page to serial port…applet Java, C++,…I need development kit or this is possibile with the only integration kit ?
From previous posts I have understood that in the development kit there is a tool that generate some C++ callback to use in HTML pages. I can use applet Java too, only with integration kit ?



HTML 101:

  1. You get the “GET” with the page request on port 80.
  2. You generate the HTML header then the HTML code with your form controls in them and send it back out on the open socket.
  3. The user fills in the form controls and clicks on a form button.
  4. You get another “GET” with a command line filled in with the data from the form (do not try environment vars). Parse and send a response.

Very simple.

But…what language (C++, Java) and what kind of kit I need to do this ?


You, in most cases have the -S kit. This kit is NOT customizable to the extent that you need. You need the -C (customizable) kit.

To answer your other question, you will, in most cases, develop in either C or C++. java development, save for java applets, is not supported.

Given the information above, web pages themselves are developed in html (as stated by other posters.). Then the html is run through a compiler/converter to turn it (the html) into C.

Any language you want. YOU develop it on your hardware that you are using the Digi as an intermediary to the Ethernet.

Your Hardware/App
Serial Port or SPI bus
Digi in Dum-Dum mode (integration kit)