read serial with html

I want to know if it possible to create a html page like your home page of the connect ME, who send and received data from the serial port. And what the functions or the src for this application .



Armed with the Connect Development Kit, the creation of such a web interface is most certainly possible.

However, with Digi’s Integration firmware the only way you would be able to create such an interface is by way of a Java Applet. The Integration kit provides the source to a Messenger applet that provides the ability to send/receive data on the serial interface.


This is possible with just a simple web page.
Use the basic nahttp and the naserial examples.


Do you have such an example of communicating with the serial port with nahttp ?
Does it require the devellopment kit ?
Where can we found the documentation for this feature ?

Thanks for your reply

Pierre Debrot
from switzerland

I do not know if the dev kit is needed, but those two examples are a great way to start, just remove whats not needed. Its kinda limited what I can show here, but here are some of the functions I used:
zeroFd = open (“/com/0”, SerialConfig.mode);

This function reads the serial port and grabs all the serial data from the port:
result = read(zeroFd, (rcvBuffer0 + numBytesRcvd), (bytetorecv - numBytesRcvd));

The doc ApiReference.chm describes all of these functions.
The web server portion did not change much from the example. I used the html2c program to convert the html.
_NZZA_return_status is an example of a html tag function that is converted to C. You use this to get any variables you created from the serial data or even the entire packet itself.