create communication from webpage


I need help about how to create communication between the serial port on the digiME and an html page.
I can communicate OK with my device through telnet using teraterm IP:port. Now i want the info coming from device IP:port to be displayed on a webpage.

any help appreciated.



Are you using one of our -S or -C modules?

The firmware, on our -S modules does not provide the functionality neccessary to accomplish what I believe you are asking for.

With a -C unit and our NET+OS Development kit you should be able to write an embedded application that provides this functionality.


I am using indeed -S module.
I communicate with my serial device using teraterm with the IP and port. It works fine.
You mean there is no way to do the same thing through a webpage anyhow?

could you remind me the main difference between -S and -C module.



Please refer to the following posting:,1423#5291

Thanks for the link, it helps.

However, i just dont get why there would be no way to interface serial data with a webpage, with an applet or so, if i can do it form a terminal.